Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Walker Homestead Show is this Weekend!!!

I've had a really great span of creating handmades for Walker Homestead while passing the hours caregiving to my mom.  It helps bring peace to some otherwise very stressful days.  I have done a bunch of all new designs while working on some of my old favorites too.  It's hard to believe but the show is upon us and we are all packed.   If I make anything more before I setup on Friday I will either have to sit on it or have it on my lap on the way up....   :-) 

I simply can't wait.... for us this is a bit of respite and the weather looks like it will be stunning.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.   ~  D

Friday, March 9, 2018

Spring Sampler

Thank you everyone!  I was surprised and touched by the outpouring of support we received.   We had the best show ever and I came home with a much lighter load.   I loved the booth this year.   I was pleasantly taken aback by how colorful the booth became as I filled it.  I certainly needed a breath of fresh air after a long winter of trudging through snow and mud and cold to spend my time next door :-)

and so now I am moving on ahead to creating for the next show and coming seasons.... 

a peek of our handmades for spring.

  Next year we have already been granted a larger booth.  Yay!

Sunflower Summer

A few of my favorite things!

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