Friday, July 3, 2020

Time to Make The Pumpkins

Happy Fourth of July Weekend all!   May your weekend be amazing!   A quiet weekend here, just how we like it... 

I've been up to my neck in pumpkin making.  I have listed a few on my website,, mostly for practice with the shipping details.  Just a peek!  

Local delivery is available also.  Not sure what will happen with our shows...
off for a meetup this morning, then more making :-)   Happy weekend!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Autumn Handmades

It's been the most productive spring season in sassafras land... However I can't say I'm sorry to see it pass.   This will be a year not soon forgotten!   
I have started summer off with a big bang by working on offerings for autumn.   This is an uncertain year and I haven't quite figured out what to work on.     One of our favorite fall shows, Walker Homestead, has been cancelled.   I am rather hopeful the rest will follow suit.   Knowing what we go through to participate in our shows, I can't think of any possible way that they would be safe, for ourselves, or for our dear customers!  

I will be writing some fall patterns this year, and I do feel blessed to be able to work on the new website.   It has given me new focus on my humble beginnings.   I've updated and added most of my early feedsack luminary and printable designs as instant downloads.   Many of my cloth designs are also instant downloads.   It's so much easier for me to handle them with mom's care mixed in with my daily duties....   I will also be accepting paper pattern orders and finished luminary bags, when time permits.   It's all still a work in progress, unfolding a bit more every day.  Handmade finished items and a few supplies will be also available.   I'm awaiting a box order.... no way I'll be groveling around the supermarket for empty boxes in the midst of a pandemic!!!   
so.... this is some of what I'm up to.

Next thing is waiting on a patch of dry and sunny weather to fill the clothesline for my annual painted pumpkins picture.   That will be too fun...  One of my favorite summer things.   I am ahead of schedule this year! 

 "Til then, be good, and be well.  ~ Denise

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Lazy Days of Summer

ummm... no lazies here! 

I've had extremely busy days and find myself wishing for more hours to complete everything.   I've spent some hours during the week on more behind the scenes stuff for the website. I'm not rushing it because I want to make sure I'm happy with it.  I'm taking my time and pondering each step.  My son is helping me with my label files... it seems my computer resized everything at some point.  I wasn't aware of it... I thought my eyesight was going.   Some of the old I will retire and some will be reworked.   And there are new designs.  All will be listed when ready and when time permits.

Much time has been spent in the gardens and they are fabulous this year.  I am going to allow myself the time to enjoy them.  
We are geeking out on the birds... hummers, orioles, bluebirds, finches, wrens, a huge woodpecker population, and more.  Because we're in a heatwave I've put out extra birdbaths for all.  Matthew is working on oriole feeders today.   I’m so thankful for all his hard work, every day.   

I worked on a new fabric pattern, the first in many years, and some punchneedle designs that I'm anxious to start punching.  And I am stuffing like crazy.  I've been staying up late every evening.... my kitties are always near.  

As always every day we spend our time with my mom.  Her knee is troublesome again but we're keeping her out of pain and well otherwise.  I'm thankful to have her home even on the hard days.  We will spend the coming months mostly at home so we can all stay safe and well.  Although I’m a homebody by nature and happy in my own little world, some days it gets to me...   today was hard, knowing we would have been at Walker Homestead having the time of our lives.   

‘Til next time, be well and have a happy summer!    

Saturday, June 13, 2020

So many blessings...

What does one do when confronted by the restrictions presented by Covid-19 ?   We have stayed busy almost every moment.  After the initial shock of social distancing we realized that this was pretty much our normal anyway. 

2020... I started the year off suffering from shingles for close to two months.  I certainly hope never to do that again!   Then pulled it together and managed to get through the Deerfield Spring Sampler and have the best time ever.

The next weekend we went in social distancing protocol and soon afterwards we discovered that our next planned show was canceled for June. 

So, as sad as I was over that, I soon realized that this was the opportunity to do things I normally have little time for.  Much housework happened... Much gardening happened.  

Much cooking happened.... we have tried so many new recipes.  


and punchneedle turned into just the thing to take me away into my own little world and forget all else.

As always, creating is a part of every day life around here...

We are still keeping ourselves safe at this point.  I've been out exactly twice.  Once for a takeout Fisherman's platter eaten in the car after our favorite dairy bar opened for the season.  And once to go plant shopping, mask and all.  I will restrict my outings as long as possible to keep my momma safe.

Then this happened...  A kind person informed me my website was down for days at least. This is not the first time.    So, after many years I have taken on a new site and am in the process of building it... not an easy task, and not what I was intending to do with my time.   It's a challenge, but needs to be done.  A blessing in disguise for sure.  I am now able to offer instant downloads on my patterns and old time labels.   It will be awhile before I finish, but it's nice to have time...

Isn't it pretty looking?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Seems like a year ago!

So where did the time go?   The craft fair was exactly a month ago!   It’s been a very long and surreal month.   We locked down the following weekend.   Time has been spent taking care to keep ourselves and my momma and her caregiver well.   It’s much harder than if it was just my own household.  and it’s hard  not to let the stress of the moment creep in.   This too shall pass... but it seems forever.

Thank you so much to everyone who ventured out for the show.   I hope you are all keeping well and finding better moments in this time.   I am thankful for each and every one of you.   Not sure when we’ll meet again but I am surely looking forward to it.   ☺️

Sunflower Summer

A few of my favorite things!