Friday, March 27, 2015

Out Like a Lamb...

So that old March saying has rang true for us.   Rain and fifty degree days are MOST welcome!
Really, that was the sickest we have been in years.... I think losing my stepfather, combined with pushing ourselves to get through Deerfield made us so much more tired and run down.... two old germ magnets for sure!   We are both feeling a bit stronger each day, and getting back to creating some new things!  
Hubby received some very devastating news a few days ago, on his birthday, so if you will keep his family and his brother in your prayers we would most appreciate it... This will be a very big factor in how the next few months play out for us.
We will be out of Teaberry Treasures by month's end, so please don't make the trip out and be disappointed not to find our creations.  I still intend to do our normal shows and will be listing finished goods online as I used to in the past. And I am always willing to deliver locally, and do a "tote show" like in the past!!! 
And.....  there is a very exciting new venture in the near future.   I can hardly contain my excitement, but must keep it under wraps for the time being.  Stay tuned...
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cough, Cough, Cough....

Yes, this is how our week is going! 
My hubby was seen by the doctor yesterday and is on multiple meds and an inhaler.  He has stayed in bed for days.... that is so not like him.    James and I are coughing in jags.  No time for this! 
This little remedy sounds more delightful than the stuff I'm taking!   Gag.   And the chicken soup is gone... I will make another batch today. 
I have not slept well since the show from the coughing.  My grandmother's old kitty is sick and in the last stages of kidney failure.   She is my constant companion now, and I am frightening her with the cough. 
Both vehicles are still packed.   Oh well, at least it's sunny and the days are longer.  I am cleaning and organizing with rest breaks in between. 
And a bit of wool dying too.... I have the most awful dark purple shaggy mohair coat that I'm trying to work with.  If only I was making eggplants....    yesterday I came upon a sweet tutorial by my friend Emily....
so I have dragged out all the bunnies and lambs that I didn't finish for the show.... If only they come out as nice as hers! 
And the sink is full of sheep's wool, for doll hair.  Small batches at a time, with pantene moisturizing shampoo for the final cleaning.  
The snow is melting away.   The weatherman said the rest of March will not be great, but it's March and the end is in sight!  
Well off the computer to check on that wool.... boy I hope it is a different color!!!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Merry Month of March

How wonderful to have the sunshine and warmer weather.  This winter was a hardship for us, but the snow is melting away day by day.  Today might make it to 50 degrees.  We are all sick, with some kind of horrible cough.   Matt went to the doctor this am so I will see what they say about him...
I think the snowpack means good things are ahead for us in the garden.  It's time for Matt to start the plants from seed... at least what I won't be able to find elsewhere, like the okra for my dolly necklaces and the peppers for my salsa...  I am worried about the ticks and lyme disease.  It's been a recurring thing for us.   I wish my town would make a decision on backyard chickens as that would help. 
I have to get into my craft room today, before I hurt myself crawling over stuff.  It has never been that bad.... I have very little left over from the last show, and have to start the goods for Walker Homestead in June.  I am going to try to write some of these patterns I've promised for so long. 
This was a cute little find from pinterest this morning....   I love pinterest! 
Enjoy your Day!
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New England Sunshine

A beautiful day here in Connecticut for sure, after weeks and weeks of snow!   I guess we will need hip waders for the mud!
A quick little treasury I've put together with sunshiny colors!  Enjoy :-)
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Printable Egg File

 A quick share for the morning.....
I print these on muslin, and stitch them up into flat eggs.  
Once stitched and stuffed I age them and throw them in a basket for my shows.  
You may use the file as you wish provided you grant me design credit. 
Enjoy your day. 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Deerfield Show Photos

What an amazing, amazing show!!!!!    And... we are home, and it's still light out!!!!! Yippee for spring ahead, however we are too tired to enjoy it tonight.  Matthew is already taking a nap! 
 I think I was not meant to take photos this weekend..... Ipad pictures were horrible, and these are a few from the camera that came out okay.... Not the best representation, but I always try to get enough snaps to critique for the following year. 
I think a corner space gives more merchandising room, but next year I want a bigger booth! 

closeup of the onion crates.... I love how they show off my work.
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Amazing Day at Deerfield Spring Sampler

Up early this Sunday am.... What an amazing first day of show we had yesterday.  So thankful to be included in this wonderful show and for all the folks who made the trip to see us!  As always, my Josh was a huge help!   Pictures will follow.... for some reason the ipad photos came out wicked blurry, and I left the camera in my jacket pocket! 
I won a prize too!!!!  The crafter's basket!!!   A beautiful vintage basket loaded with bobbins, and linens, and a beautiful book, which I so can't wait to crack open!!!
So sad to hear that Marcia and Diana are both leaving.... We love this show and all the people who have made it possible over the years.  Thanks to you all!!!!!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

As ready as we can possibly be....

Almost ready!   and what a time for hubby to get sick!  
We have been packing totes and planning the booth. 
One vehicle is packed, and we need to finish the other before the snow flies. 
I have a few more things to possibly finish up for the show.... if not, they will go to my etsy shop when time permits.  Stress mode is over, thankfully.
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Sunflower Summer

A few of my favorite things!