Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Off to Hidden Treasures

Just a sampling of some of the OOAK handmade creations I am bringing to Laura's beautiful shop for this weekend's Shop Small event. 

Will be there late this am filling my space :-) And Laura is always willing to ship if you are not nearby!  Hidden Treasures, Main Street Agawam, MA

Deerfield Christmas Sampler

Our show was the very best show ever...  I have so much gratitude for my faithful followers who show up show after show and buy direct from the artist herself.  It is always heartwarming to see what you picked out this time and to hear how you have decorated with my previous creations.

This time we lost a week of creating, because the date was moved up a week and I worked on goods for it right until we pulled out of the driveway for setup!   My hand is still buzzing and my fingers are numb, but slowly subsiding.  This is the first time I've experienced that, so will be more watchful.... need that hand for stitching!  

It's so much harder than it used to be for us.  Caring for my mom takes it's toll on us in many ways, but I am glad she got to witness some of my creating and see the show photos..... It brought the show to life for her.

I do not have a moment of time for any special orders because I got wiped out at the show, more so than year's past, and have to take care of my shopkeepers first.   I am working on finishing up some cute one of a kinds for Hidden Treasures for her big event this weekend....  .... and then afterwards I am taking a break for a bit and enjoying the holiday. 

Our plans this coming year are to do the same shows as this past year.  Nothing more, nothing less.... that keeps it about as exciting as these two creators can handle.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

Autumn Shows - Display Pics

We are home and recovering from two amazing back to back shows!  

Warm thanks to all our supporters who attended.  We always enjoy your company.  I'm such a homebody and love my time spent creating, but it's nice to get out sometimes too!

I always love autumn in Deerfield and it was a nice weekend for a show!
This is just a peek.... I have several more photos on my facebook page...


Walker Homestead is the perfect setting for a prim show and once again we had a fabulous show.  The weather was picture perfect and it was nice to see everyone once again.

So now I have a few orders to complete, and some things I must find from show photos to mail out, and alas we are moving on the winter items.  I don't ever transition well with that, because the autumn handmades are so heartwarming for me. 
 I do have some creations planned for Deerfield Christmas Sampler and placed a fabric order this morning....   This week will be spent organizing and putting away my messes!  And a last picking expedition planned for Sunday.  So that's fun!  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Etsy Hafair Team Treasuries

We have been incredibly honored to be part of the Hafair Team on Etsy.   Members create an assortment of wonderful handmades in a variety of media, and the treasuries are a celebration of team offerings.   I am hopeful that I can get back on track with being a good team member....
This past year has been incredibly hard with my momma to care for, and when I get in despair over it, I get stuck and shut down.... Online activities are the first to go. I stop posting on facebook, and don't list new offerings.  
But I want to shout out to the ladies who have promoted me and stuck with me regardless of my slacking.   You are quietly and lovingly cherished! 
These are some of the treasuries my work has been included in over the past few days!  Thank you everyone!
Please check them out if you have a moment... I think you will be pleased! 
Pumpkins, Ghosts and BOO-T-FUL Halloween Decor from Handmade Art Fair (HAFAIR)

Candy Corn Creativity!


Bats, Cats and Witch's Hats
Additionally we have been asked to join the FAAP  Folk Art and Primitives Team.... another great honor. 


Monday, August 8, 2016

A Maker's Life

Oh I truly love this time of year.... This is the start of our day and a new week on Sassafras Hill.  Again, I am up before the birds, painting pumpkins.   This puts a slight dent in my pile!  I have been waiting out the heat wave, so they aren't over baked on the line. 
I have been stitching and stitching and stitching as you can see!  It has helped my heart to heal after learning of the  awful way we were ripped off from the last shop I was in....  I feel content to be able to do what I love every day, and that is something that can not be taken away. We are in a good place. 
I wanted to reach the tree in the woods, but am a bit short and afraid the line will break.  There are several more to the right, but that's all I could photo in one snap..... 64 in all, and stopping for a bit to work on some bottle dolls.  and Matthew is covered in sawdust already.... he is finishing some new display pieces and cutting some pumpkins for outside!  I am grateful he has had a summer finding joy in making. 
I will have plentiful autumn offerings in Hidden Treasures and Cozy Cat Primitives ... also our two  upcoming shows. 
Have a beautiful week where you are, and with what you have.... Love, Denise and Matt

Monday, July 18, 2016

a new week and a different note

so... Friday's post got moved to it's own permanent page   I'm not proud of doing that, but felt it had to be said and if it saves one soul from the heartache then so be it. 
After a rally of support, stories, and laughter from some very good friends and people in the know, my spirits are lifted once again.  It is truly a blessing to have some amazing and special people in my life. 
It's another scorcher of a week with temps in the 90s and Matt is staining the house.  This time we are using a different stain with a 25 year warranty..... by then I expect we won't care if the siding falls off :-)
  a snap from the winter.     tis not a fun house to stain....    He did most of my momma's in the past few weeks, but she is all one floor, so it was much easier for him. 
I will stay in and enjoy the ac for now.   This is my day to cook for the week for my momma. 
I'm going to start the week off with moldmaking.   I've been saving some autumn naturals for just that, but in the meantime I've got the wax on for some autumn ornies.....
Autumn is so easy but so hard to work on... I am on overload with ideas and the vision of what I want my booth to look like.  two shows, two shops, and a few last minute additions to manage.  and there's wood, cloth, wax, etc
Autumn patterns have been selling well, so I can tell I am not the only one!  
So anyway, wanted to start the week off on a different note! 
Enjoy your week, wherever you are and whatever you are doing....

Friday, July 15, 2016

Grand Olde Summertime Gardening

I am overloaded with orders and am spending most of the day chained to the sewing machine.  It's going to be another scorcher here, so it's a good thing I can stay inside!   Matt is next door staining my momma's house.    I end up most days with socks and a sweatshirt, but at least it's good for breathing easy.  The pumpkin pile is huge and growing by the day, and I will get them aged and painted on a day when it's nicer outside!  I have some more special orders to finish for Hidden Treasures, so if there's anything you want me to bring for you, drop me a line. 
The dry weather hasn't hurt our blueberry crop at all!   I have picked large colander fulls several times and have to pick again later today!   The raspberry bushes are also loaded.  We have had pancakes and muffins, but most of them are in the freezer. 

Matt planted a huge bed of swiss chard for me.  It's totally picking time.... Yay- I think tomorrow I will start the weekend with a yummy bacon/chard quiche.

The catnip bed and beyond.... sweet annie is in the back and limping along. 

Squash and cucumbers are a bit slower, but at least we're not having to fight the powdery mildew like we do with too much rain.  Matt brought in the first of the zucchinis and summer squash, and two overgrown pickling cukes he missed.... I hope we will have another year with "zucchini of the day".  I love getting lost in Pinterest finding new ways to make it!
I'm trying to decide on whether we want to go pickin for treasures this weekend, or work work work.  We love what we do, so both sound fine... Definitely an hour for Mountainview will be welcome.
Have the best weekend with what you have, where you are  >"<   Denise and Matt

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

From our family to yours.... a wonderful July Fourth! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Loving Life

After a heartwarming weekend at Walker Homestead, we are getting back to working in the gardens.   It's been a poor start to the growing season because of the weather.   I'm not sure I will have the amount of sweet annie I had last year, for the fall shows, but we are trying!  Hopefully it will catch up!   Silly catnip is EVERYWHERE though :-) Still need to make time for the catnip rats! 
I am up to my neck in some long overdue housework!  I've been organizing my fabric and cleaning out the craft room(s) and getting prepped for the next great push.... onward to Autumn.  The list is extremely long already, but with inspiration from all my past show photos I will get it done!
Last year's Deerfield booth was a knockout and it will be hard to beat.
My road is being reconstructed which will be at least a summer long project.  They started work on it yesterday morning and our property is lined with black plastic barriers. lovely, but it will look nice when they finish... 
Matthew has most of the vegetable garden planted, and I'm looking for a few things to add to it to dry for my prim shows.  The trees we had taken down should bring an abundance of sunshine.
We have some good prospects for another weekend picking trip, so Yay, that's always fun to look forward to.   
Enjoy this beautiful day ~  Denise and Matthew

Monday, June 20, 2016

Our Primitive Booth at Walker Homestead

 Well, it was another awesome show at Walker Homestead and we have not unpacked the vehicles yet, but already we are thinking ahead to fall, which is my favorite.   Our booth was jam packed with handmades and antiques, and we did quite well selling both.  We were both thankful to have the most picture perfect weather for the show!  
I am taking a few days to find my house again.... show season is tough, oh wait.... it's always show season for us.  It's a good thing we enjoy what we do!
some of our preserved sweet annie from last fall's harvest, and Matt's tufa planters.

outside our tent with some prim patriotic dolls and juicy watermelons.

the bucket bench stuffed with goodies.   above it our new handmades booth sign.

one of the back corners, with a mix of goods.

my favorite very heavy part of the display, onion drying racks make a great backdrop.

my trusty checkout stand.

some of our signs and boxes of ornies.... I like it better without the tree.  They all sold well.

the other back shady corner.

mostly handmades, and upcycled antiques under our new bigger Sassafras sign

front corner of the tent, looking out at Paul and Lynn Rulli's beautiful work...
Thank you everyone who made the journey to Walker Homestead to spend the beautiful day with us.  We came home very tired, but feeling very blessed. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

a busy week getting ready for Walker Homestead

We have had a busy busy week.   I finished everything I wanted to, and then some more.  So thankful to have a hubby who pitches in when help is needed.... a lot! 
Both vehicles are jammed from end to end with goodies for Walker Homestead.   I am glad I asked him if he put the tents on the roof of the expedition....... oooooooooohhhhhh, he said!   Good thing I asked, because we are leaving when that's done.
One of my Olde Liberty Dolls, mounted on 100 plus year old barnboard saved from the snowy year all the barns collapsed.  She is our show mascot this year..

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Milli Vanilli - Blame It On the Rain

yeah, yeah, yeah.   gotta blame it on something!    bopping out to some Milli Vanilli.... in such a great mood this afternoon. 
:-)  Some days rain makes everything better!   

Another picking trip planned for the morning and a stop to visit some dear friends, and we are ready as rain! 

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Friday, June 10, 2016

We Have Our Prims On, and Are Waiting Patiently!

Next up on our show agenda.... WALKER HOMESTEAD! 


  Thursday and Friday will be spent setting up, with great attention to every last detail, then Saturday morning, June 18th, it's showtime!

  We have worked really hard to bring you the finest of our work, and once again will have a double space! We will have a mix of antiques and handmade goods, and I think you will be pleased!  

This is truly one of our favorite shows, and we are blessed to be part of it.  The setting is serene, even while jam packed with prim enthusiasts.  The vendor lineup is spectacular, with some of the best from New England and beyond.  The owners of Walker Homestead are about as salt of the earth as you could hope to meet.  We look forward to being a part of it all, twice a year!

 Show details can be found on the show page, check the tabs above....

a snap of one of our booth corners from last year... 
Also, we have a great selection of handmades both at Hidden Treasures, and at Cozy Cat Primitives!

  As always thanks for your friendship and support! oxo, Denise and Matt
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Sunflower Summer

A few of my favorite things!

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