Sunday, March 14, 2010

Deerfield Spring Sampler

Spring Forward!   Don't forget to set your clocks ahead!  

I'm spending this rainy and very windy weekend at the Old Deerfield Spring Sampler, after a few quick busy months of creating spring items!

We setup Friday night and I snapped a few photos of our booth so I could look it over once I got back home.  It always looks different in the photos and I think you can see at a glance what needs to be changed.  I had good intentions for taking some more photos Saturday morning when the lighting was better.  Of course once I started gabbing with the ladies I totally forgot..... sigh!    I didn't remember again until yesterday afternoon when the booth was blown out...

What a busy show day, even with the rain.   I might try today for a few more photos as I like to have a visual reference for future show setups. I like to change it up each time, but also like to stick to what works best.

We set the clocks ahead last night when we got home, and I was sleeping soundly in no time, but it's now 4 am and I feel ready for another day...  I know we will be tired tonight!  

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Rocking Chair Stitches said...

Wish I could have been there with you this time. I miss it actually. We had so much going on, my mother in law was in hospital and my sister in law passed away and then we went to Florida. Email me and let me know how things went! Hope it was great for you.


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Your creations look real cute . . really sweet stuff! Hope you do real well.

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