Thursday, April 15, 2010

an ahh-haa! moment this morning!

oh my!

now usually when I'm this close to a crawly beast, I am shrieking! ...but only because it's caught me by surprise, I'm not afraid of snakes!

This morning I was working on some bears at the kitchen table and noticed the kitty high on his perch at the back door, straining his head and stretching his neck a lot more than usual....

I got up to see what had caught his attention, expecting to see one of my squirrel friends. Surprisingly, right away I noticed Mr. Snake, and after watching for a few moments, grabbed the camera. I snuck outside, kneeled on the porch, and watched this little guy enjoying the sun. It is a beautiful day here.... the best time of year!

Then this little chipmunk poked his head out from under the porch and these two watched each other for quite awhile. It was an amazing moment....

Kitty was looking at me like well do something mom!

lol.... well I should get back to my bears now.

Have a lovely day, wherever you are!

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Engelhouse said...

What a neat thing to be able to see and so neat you were able to catch it with your camera.

Sassafras Hill Primitives said...

lol Emily, that was my thrill of the day, exciting life that is mine! Usually my photos are of birds or squirrels, so it was a unique moment.

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