Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Storm Benedict

Scene from my back door... it's still snowing like the dickens here! This is the first substantial snow we've seen this year.

I like to watch the birds at the feeders and asked Matt not to enclose the back porch this year. It's covered anyway and protected from most of the snow. Of course it hasn't looked like this in awhile... Oh well.

Hard to see but it's drifting. We have over 20". I might take a walk later...

Miss Mimmy said it's a good day for a catnap!!! Or to watch mom do some stitching.
I'm goofing off on Facebook, and working on my egg dolls.
Matt is off work today and shoveling.
James is off school and also shoveling.

Have a good day wherever you are!

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1 comment:

Cyn said...

BRR! And how beautiful!

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