Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Loving Life

After a heartwarming weekend at Walker Homestead, we are getting back to working in the gardens.   It's been a poor start to the growing season because of the weather.   I'm not sure I will have the amount of sweet annie I had last year, for the fall shows, but we are trying!  Hopefully it will catch up!   Silly catnip is EVERYWHERE though :-) Still need to make time for the catnip rats! 
I am up to my neck in some long overdue housework!  I've been organizing my fabric and cleaning out the craft room(s) and getting prepped for the next great push.... onward to Autumn.  The list is extremely long already, but with inspiration from all my past show photos I will get it done!
Last year's Deerfield booth was a knockout and it will be hard to beat.
My road is being reconstructed which will be at least a summer long project.  They started work on it yesterday morning and our property is lined with black plastic barriers. lovely, but it will look nice when they finish... 
Matthew has most of the vegetable garden planted, and I'm looking for a few things to add to it to dry for my prim shows.  The trees we had taken down should bring an abundance of sunshine.
We have some good prospects for another weekend picking trip, so Yay, that's always fun to look forward to.   
Enjoy this beautiful day ~  Denise and Matthew

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Farmhouse prims said...

I am drooling, such wish I could attend one of your shows, Love your creations. Lecia

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