2017 Markets

First to express gratitude for the patrons of the shows we have done.   Your support and friendship over the years means so much to both of us! 
This appears to be a very difficult year in the making.   My momma's illness has progressed and we are spending more time than ever with her, including sleepovers...  Her desire was to stay home as long as possible and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.  Caring for her properly and being there when she has bad days has given me a sense of peace.  
 I have decided that much of my own anxiety comes from trying to do all the shows in a big spectacular way, despite everything else.  On bad days creating gets put aside, and on better days sometimes I get a few stitches in.  Wherever we go from here we will go in simple mode for now.  I have come to terms with it and feel much relief.   If necessary I will give up most shows and go back to pattern writing and online offerings...
 Shows for 2017
Very sad to say, we will not have the opportunity to do the Vintage Market at the Golden Lamb Buttery this spring.   They are fully booked with events and do not have a Sunday open for the show.  We will miss it, but it's wonderful to see them doing well :-)    
Our next show is Walker Homestead, on June 17th... 
followed by Old Deerfield's Autumn Show and

yay!  How thrilled are we to hear the news that one of our favorite shows is back.... Remember the Folk Art Festival of New England, in Marlborough?  It is back again, with a new name and venue, but same weekend.  We will be there, with a small display  More details to follow...
We will end the year with the Deerfield Holiday Sampler at the Big E, the weekend before Thanksgiving.  

This will be more than enough I think.....



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