Monday, June 18, 2007

Shoe Garden with tattered old soles from friends and family!

Hilltop garden with rusty old chair and chipmunk abode!

My childhood playhouse before restoration, rotting into the ground at the front side...

My father built this over 40 years ago.

Hilltop garden with one of hubby's many birdhouses...

Cartoonized garden house photo, love this!

Wild section of the yard with bedframe trellis, funky signs, and treasure pole...

Garden House in summer of '06

The kiddo's treehouse, way up there...

Partial contents of shed during renovation, yikes what a mess!

Arbor and fence at the entrance to backyard...

One of my lovies!

Hubby returning from a lumber trip...

Veggie garden beds in springtime.

Coldframe and small butterfly garden

My garden shed with new paint

a rusty old chair with washboard back and pot of annuals

Messy old perennial bed with lots of weeds. Another day...

Pretty old bromo jar, cartoonized.

Springtime "weeds" in the veggie garden, how pretty!

My gram's old irises, love how they bring back a rush of memories...

More early spring flowers

Another cartoonized look at my refurbished "lil house"

Well, that's all for now...


kristy said...

Such an amazing garden you have. So inspiring! Not really gardening weather here in Tasmania, Australia. It's literally freezing at the moment.

Steph said...

HI there Denise!
It's Steph (from SSODS)
Been poking around the internet this morning and I stumbled upon your blog...How the heck are you? We miss you on the message board...poke your head in and say hello every once in awhile....Hope things are going well for you-your gardens are awesome! Oh well gotta go- off to see Harry Potter....
Take Care! Steph

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