Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow and More Snow!

Tis is snowy winter here and I am feeling the urge to put my thoughts to page once again.  We lost my dear stepdad a few weeks ago after devoting the past year to caring for him.  It will take some time to find a new way without him. 
Matt was especially devoted to him, and caring for Tom gave him a strong sense of self worth.   My mom is so lost right now and I am thankful to live next door.  I am just heartbroken in so many ways.  I think with age, change comes harder....
After a lot of sleepless nights weighing the prospect of how to move forward, we have both come to the conclusion that some changes are in order at this time.  I am removing some major stressors from my daily life.   We will be working more on the website, and patterns, and online venues. 
I will still do my favorite shows.... Deerfield, Walker Homestead, and Wethersfield have been very dear to our hearts.  We find comfort in our show people and our customers alike.  But I must also keep my mom foremost.... she has had a rough year and needs us now more than ever. 
I am working on goods for Deerfield Spring Sampler.... so looking forward to it.  Sadly I lost one of my favorite customers a short time ago.  She was a remarkable woman, with great grace and glee despite her illness.  Every show she came to she would shriek with joy, and grab me and give me the biggest bear hug.   I will miss that.   
But.... it gave me a bit of solace to think that perhaps when Tom passed, that she was grabbing him, and greeting him, and dancing, and saying " I know Denise too".  
with love, on this snowy winter day. 
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