Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Family Day

Woot!  We are off for a few hours of fun.... Today is Family Day at our area Salvation Army stores!   I don't go very often anymore, as we got out of the habit when taking care of my stepdad.  But my mom is lonely and she said it sounded like fun.    I have had great success with finding fabrics here.... wool, velvet, old cotton sheets for dolls, and the list is endless. 
 Now mind you, the last time we went to this big store it was hubby's job to push the cart while I looked for treasures.   After two hours of shopping he was near the register, and I needed to look in one more aisle.  Next thing, he was looking for comfy clothing for my stepdad, and when I asked him where the cart was.... well oh my, you do NOT leave a cart unattended on Family Day!!!!!  So much for that.  But all's well that ends well..... I made him take me out to eat instead of chewing on him!  haha!
After shopping I have an order to finish and some more creations for the Deerfield Spring Sampler....which is on our doorstep.   A label I use for my beeskep tags.... sharing with you for your own creations.  
Hope your day is awesome wherever you may be...
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