Monday, July 18, 2016

a new week and a different note

so... Friday's post got moved to it's own permanent page   I'm not proud of doing that, but felt it had to be said and if it saves one soul from the heartache then so be it. 
After a rally of support, stories, and laughter from some very good friends and people in the know, my spirits are lifted once again.  It is truly a blessing to have some amazing and special people in my life. 
It's another scorcher of a week with temps in the 90s and Matt is staining the house.  This time we are using a different stain with a 25 year warranty..... by then I expect we won't care if the siding falls off :-)
  a snap from the winter.     tis not a fun house to stain....    He did most of my momma's in the past few weeks, but she is all one floor, so it was much easier for him. 
I will stay in and enjoy the ac for now.   This is my day to cook for the week for my momma. 
I'm going to start the week off with moldmaking.   I've been saving some autumn naturals for just that, but in the meantime I've got the wax on for some autumn ornies.....
Autumn is so easy but so hard to work on... I am on overload with ideas and the vision of what I want my booth to look like.  two shows, two shops, and a few last minute additions to manage.  and there's wood, cloth, wax, etc
Autumn patterns have been selling well, so I can tell I am not the only one!  
So anyway, wanted to start the week off on a different note! 
Enjoy your week, wherever you are and whatever you are doing....

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