Monday, March 20, 2017

Blessings Always

The first day of spring is always the sweetest!

There are so many things to celebrate including longer days and fresh air.  Yay.... winter brings out the doldrums in all of us, and now everyone is feeling cheerier.   My momma is certainly doing much better with the longer days, so that is one of the biggest blessings.   I am hoping I can get her into the gardens again this year. 
We still have a good snow pack but this week is forecast to be quite a bit warmer.  With a little luck the snow will be gone by week's end.   I started the week and my spring by hanging some dollies out to age on the clothesline.   This is the time of year I shift my creating into high gear, although it has been an extremely productive couple of weeks.  Will photo soon...
Not only do I have many many dolls in the works, but Matt has a production line of whirligigs almost finished.  It's always good if he can keep himself busy....   And spring cleaning is in full force, finally!  I am taking my house back, a little at a time! 
It will be an interesting week here, with grandboys staying for eight days.  We drove them back home to get ready for school early this am before the sunrise.  Ha.... I have to say I rather embrace the quietness of our lives, and the bliss of getting up and following my whims all day.  I do not miss the school schedule one bit.  Four more school mornings.......
So more dolls waiting to be stuffed but thinking how nice to greet spring again.   Have a blessed one my friends!

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