Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hell's Bells

Just a little reminder.....
Even though you think your computer is running smoothly, you never know when it's your turn for the dreaded blue screen of death!   So back up those files and make sure you know where all your programs are, just in case.  
My Saturday turned to this nightmare.....
and this, with lots of stressing in between.

I watched several Youtube videos on my ipad and tried everything they suggested to no avail. It would not restart :-(
So finally I had no other option but to reset the PC.  That option has not worked well for me in the past! 
I probably have 99 percent of my files backed up, but was thinking the one percent would cause some grief.
I am thankful my files are all still here, and I have reinstalled all my programs.  I have a little bit of readjusting to do because things are all working differently ( perhaps even better?) than they did before this happened. 
I guess it's time to ditch my long obsolete Outlook program for checking my mail and so I am trying the one that came as part of windows 10.   The Picasa program I like for sorting my photos is obsolete (who knew???) but I will use it for now.  And I have to locate my silhouette library for my own cutting files or reload them all one by one from my external drive back into the program.  
No doubt I will find other wonky things as I use them, but for now I am pretty relieved that everything turned out as well as it did! 
and now I can resume my dolly making! 
So anyway, back up those files, because you never know when it's your turn....   ~D
I was sick over my silhouette studio files.... I thought they were gone forever, but I had saved them not only in my library but also on my external drive.   I'm thankful the ones in my drive were there, but library was gone.   So hours and hours later, I found I could drag my thousands of files into my library.... If I lost anything, I can live with it at this point.  And I haven't paid attention but I can now save it all to the silhouette cloud, and keep it forever :-) yay! 
oh, and my beautiful fonts!!!!!!   gone, so had to go finding some more to install.  I am making a list this time!!!!   Plus saved them to my drive also.  I thought I had done that.  
Oh and got the sweetest little 4TB drive..... That should last me awhile.  Time to put the other dinosaur away!  

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