Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A very busy week already...

A busy week for us already.... we spent an entire day busting our butts working on tufa creations for next year's shows.  I like to make sure they overwinter and season nicely before offering them.  We will unmold them this weekend and see how they turned out. 
We are currently making molds from last years dried gourds....  I try to pick up a few new skills every year to shake things up a bit.   So far they are coming along quite nicely. 
Our cat Cookie probably swallowed a long piece of thick twine....that was my wakeup at 5:30 yesterday morning.  She woke me by jumping on me with six inches or so dangling from her mouth, then must have finished swallowing it as I chased her for the next hour.   Damn cat, it's supposed to be a toy.   They have played with it for almost two years...  She spent all day til 6 pm at the vet's yesterday with barium and xrays, etc.... they don't see anything yet.  She is on her way back as I type, for more fun.   Never a dull moment here, and not in a good way either!
There is so much good in every day, and we mostly have more blessings than sorrows, but stuff like that brings us back to reality. 
The best excitement for the week will be choosing which goods to bring to the Coventry Farmer's Market on Sunday.  The theme for this market is Frugal Frolic, so I am planning on a mix of repurposed and salvaged goods.  It's supposed to be a beautiful day, and we are looking forward to a day spent in the country.   If you haven't been to this market, YOU NEED TO GO.... I am positive you will like what you see!
It's another rainy day here.... and we thought it was going to be a dry year.  so that means stitching and stuffing will be done...
Enjoy your day!
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