Friday, July 17, 2015

A Labor of Love

Well what a day yesterday turned out to be.  I brought my mom for her allergy shots, which was not in the plan for the day, but she was sick Tuesday.  We had a nice time, and she was happy.  
 I am grateful to work at home and even though sometimes the best laid plans fall apart  'tis okay and we move on.   Being home has allowed me the time to care for the people in my life who have needed me there... I can't imagine it being any other way.
So anyway...  I started a huge batch of bread and butter pickles when I got up in the wee hours.  I have not made these in a long long time.  But the garden is doing extremely well this year.   Matt keeps bringing in large bags of cukes.  I did a huge batch of refrigerator dills last week.   Later in the afternoon I got my grandmother's pressure canner out from the pantry and gave it a whirl.  Thank goodness, because the pressure gauge steamed up badly.... not a good thing.   That's the only way I have done it, and the way my grandmother taught me. Thank goodness for pinterest and youtube because there are tutorials for everything!  I ended up processing them all by water bath, which was easy peasy, although I'm not sure grandma would have approved.   It was wonderful to hear the plunk plunk plunk as they all sealed.
 So in the meantime, I am looking for either a lid, or pressure gauge for the old trusty National #7.... I think it's from the early 40s and every time I use it I am flooded with memories of my grandmother.   She taught me so many things when I was a young woman.... canning, bread making, mending socks (I don't do that but I still think of her when I throw them out!)
We have a busy day planned for today.... never got to the tufa work we had planned for yesterday, so we will be doing that.  haha.... maybe, if nothing else goes haywire.   Also planning a nice little trip to visit my friend Laura at Hidden Treasures and maybe a quick eat at Main Street Deli.  

~Enjoy your day ~

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