Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our Humble Gardens

We have been blessed with good gardening weather this year, and have been working daily bringing the gardens back to their former glory... I try to bring my work outside as often as possible.
One of my favorite crows overlooking the herb garden, with rambling rose trellis, greenhouse, and some of our many watering cans in the background.

Why hello little man... peeking out from the watermelon tub. 

My favorites... the purple coneflowers are everywhere, and a feast for the butterflies, birds, and bees! Mostly everything we plant is for them.

A vintage iron sink planted with nasturtiums and kale... should be interesting. 

Why hello little bee.... welcome to the catnip patch!

the top of the hill.  Our previously 40 foot high trumpet vine before the tree was cut, in it's trimmed and trained glory.  The hummer's favorite.

A peek into the raised veggie garden, over the catnip.  I have harvested a bunch of catnip this season, but leave lots of blossoms for the bees and hummers.

one of the hundreds of coneflowers.   they have taken over, and we have allowed them...

A spot at the top of the hill.  Coneflowers have started blooming and the Black Eyed Susans should be flowering in a day or two. 

I moved the shoe garden from near the picnic table, after snagging this plant stand at an estate sale.  I'm not sure how I ended up with one single shoe! 

One very large tufa, probably twenty years old or so, planted with overgrown sedum, on an antique iron base.  I need to do some thinning and transplanting.

The veggie garden is thriving this year.

I am utterly obsessed with wind chimes and motion in the garden.   One of my old worn out chimes.

An autumn project, curing on one of my benches.  First try at pumpkins, and also did a nice cornucopia...

One of my window boxes with petunias. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little stroll on a hot summer day!  Enjoy your day!
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