Friday, March 11, 2016

Springtime in Connecticut

So, after the easiest winter ever, spring is on our doorstep!  I did not miss the snow and the bitter cold weather. The daffodils are emerging from the earth, and I am very tempted to start raking out the garden beds.  Another few weeks and the peas get planted for my stir fries.  yummy.  A few more trees came down in the fall so we should have the best veggies ever with more sunshine in the garden beds.
This has been a good week for us, with our first big show behind us.  The truck went in for a brake job, so we are good to go, go, go.  Scoping out the rummage sales already for some more materials to work with!  
I started folding all my fabrics, but the wool was calling to me.... for a little while I am stitching up some of my old style kitties, some little acorns, ellies,  and pumpkin doll bodies, to work on in the evenings after our daily visit with my momma. 
remember these guys?   haven't done them in so long and they are rockin' this wool!
I signed up for another show, even though I said I wouldn't..... Some are just too special to pass up.   Details are on my show page, and I will update some more before the show.  Very excited and already planning some special things for it!
Today was spent creating some awesome new spring room spray scents for Hidden Treasures.  I hope to bring another batch of new spring things in next week, as well as a special order.  
Tomorrow morning is a quick trip up to Southampton's Cozy Cat Primitives to visit my buddy Norm, now that I have brakes again! 
Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are! 
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