Friday, March 27, 2015

Out Like a Lamb...

So that old March saying has rang true for us.   Rain and fifty degree days are MOST welcome!
Really, that was the sickest we have been in years.... I think losing my stepfather, combined with pushing ourselves to get through Deerfield made us so much more tired and run down.... two old germ magnets for sure!   We are both feeling a bit stronger each day, and getting back to creating some new things!  
Hubby received some very devastating news a few days ago, on his birthday, so if you will keep his family and his brother in your prayers we would most appreciate it... This will be a very big factor in how the next few months play out for us.
We will be out of Teaberry Treasures by month's end, so please don't make the trip out and be disappointed not to find our creations.  I still intend to do our normal shows and will be listing finished goods online as I used to in the past. And I am always willing to deliver locally, and do a "tote show" like in the past!!! 
And.....  there is a very exciting new venture in the near future.   I can hardly contain my excitement, but must keep it under wraps for the time being.  Stay tuned...
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