Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cough, Cough, Cough....

Yes, this is how our week is going! 
My hubby was seen by the doctor yesterday and is on multiple meds and an inhaler.  He has stayed in bed for days.... that is so not like him.    James and I are coughing in jags.  No time for this! 
This little remedy sounds more delightful than the stuff I'm taking!   Gag.   And the chicken soup is gone... I will make another batch today. 
I have not slept well since the show from the coughing.  My grandmother's old kitty is sick and in the last stages of kidney failure.   She is my constant companion now, and I am frightening her with the cough. 
Both vehicles are still packed.   Oh well, at least it's sunny and the days are longer.  I am cleaning and organizing with rest breaks in between. 
And a bit of wool dying too.... I have the most awful dark purple shaggy mohair coat that I'm trying to work with.  If only I was making eggplants....    yesterday I came upon a sweet tutorial by my friend Emily....
so I have dragged out all the bunnies and lambs that I didn't finish for the show.... If only they come out as nice as hers! 
And the sink is full of sheep's wool, for doll hair.  Small batches at a time, with pantene moisturizing shampoo for the final cleaning.  
The snow is melting away.   The weatherman said the rest of March will not be great, but it's March and the end is in sight!  
Well off the computer to check on that wool.... boy I hope it is a different color!!!
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countercrafts said...

Thank you for the link to the faux rusty technique. She has other great tutorials on her blog. Thank you so much for sharing her blog. Take Care and I hope that you all get to feeling much better soon. Take Care and God Bless! Donna

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