Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day

I have always loved the month of May.   As a child my grandmother would help us create little woven paper baskets, and tell tales of May Days past.   Such a wonderful memory.   Every year it comes rushing back.
We are both worn out from our trip and all that awaited us while gone.... Allergies are in full bloom this year, ugh... I felt great in Florida!  However yard work and gardens are needing attention, so I am back to the neti pot and local honey! 
We have had an excellent first month at Hidden Treasures in Agawam! So thankful to see some of my faithfuls have made the trip.    In the works are some all new designs for the shop.   I will update when we make the trip... Remember, we are no longer at the shop in Hazardville.... the goods you see there are most definitely not ours.  I am sure you can all tell anyway :-)
Remember to take time to smell the flowers, every day!  Have a beautiful month!
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