Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grateful for this journey

I am thankful we made the trip down and I will treasure every moment spent in Florida!   Last year when we all gathered in Kentucky for Matt's parents memorial service, it was bittersweet to think the siblings would all go their separate ways again... Never ever thinking we would be together again so soon, this year for such a sad occasion.   neither of us have come to terms with his brother's illness.   And how do we leave tomorrow and say goodbye, knowing it's the last time.   Life can change in a heartbeat, and not in a good way.  Keep us in your prayers, if you will...
We have been fortunate to stay in a family home behind Matt's sister's house.  They bought it when it was run down, and restored it for resale.... It's bright and uncluttered and modern.   Quite a difference from what we're used to, and I think I could get used to this!  
 The gardens are amazing.... So tropical and beautiful.   The plants are giant versions of what we stick on a kitchen windowsill in New England.   I am bringing home some ferns and hoping they will help me keep the memories of this trip alive.  and the little lizards everywhere.... What can I say, I am an animal lover, and intrigued by their antics.
The adventure today .... A drive with Matt's sister and gathering Spanish moss for my crafting.   My mom used to tell us money didn't grow on trees, but this is the next best thing for a crafter😊  I like it so much better than the bagged stuff from the craft store.   We also gathered some giant pods and some  hairy stuff from the palms.... It looks like great bird nest material.   photos are on my camera, so I can't pull them til I get back home...

We are taking another route on the way back home.   I will be happy to be back with my momma nearby, and my kitties....    and forever grateful to have made this journey. 

OXO Denise

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