Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Long awaited!

Oh April, thanks for coming back into our life!   I think you are our favorite!    New beginnings have arrived, in a multitude of ways. 
  I am longing to get out and work in the gardens.   However the mud is ridiculous.   Much of the snow has melted away and the little bulbs are starting to poke their heads out, so it won't be long.   
We spent much of the weekend catering to my momma.... she spent it at the hospital after a particularly bad episode of Afib.   That was one way to fill her house with handsome young men.... I had no idea they would send out so many firefighters, emts, and police officers.  She was treated quite well. 
I was hoping for a little getaway today, but the vehicle is in the shop.     I need to be sure it's completely road worthy for our trip to Florida.  ... Ouch, some repairs we weren't anticipating, that could have waited for another time under different circumstances.
   Well my dolls are calling out to me..... Enjoy your beautiful month of April. 
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